Aramid Insulation Paper


Infantron aramid paper is made of 100% aramid fiber. Infantron paper exhibits numerous excellent properties such as good Thermal stability, Flame resistance, Electrical insulation, high dielectric strength, Good mechanical properties, The chemical stability, The radiation resistance etc.

Infantron aramid paper is approved by UL, its file No. is E331406. Flame class is VTM-0 or V-0, RTI is 210C degree. We have INF-510, INF-511, INF-516, INF-564 and INF-822.

During so many years reach and development in high-tech special fiber, we have many specialists with abundant experience and doctor or master degree. Infantron aramid paper is applied widely in many fields including electrical insulation (transformer, generator bath, magnetic coil, electromagnetic coil, H and F grade insulating composite material with polyimide or polyester film, etc. ), airfoil, aero instrument board, (airplane, naval vessel, vehicle, blindage, military establishment, etc. ) fire proofing isolated cabin, missilery's wing, luggage-rack on airplane, luggage cabin, radar antenna, radome, helicopter's wing, honeycomb panel as the constructional material applied in aviation and aerospace etc. all these fields demand specially the material with superior quality.

INF-510, Thickness is from 0.05mm to 0.76mm.

Used in transformers, motors and generators for interturn insulation, interlayer insulation and ends insulation.

INF-516, Thickness is from 0.025mm to 0.76mm.

Used in Lithium battery internal insulation of notebook computers, mobile phones vehicles and others consumed electronics products and household applications.

INF-511, Thickness is from 0.13mm to 0.58mm.

Used in motor phase insulation and transformer coil-end insulation.

INF-564, Thickness is from 0.04mm to 0.13mm.

Used in compositing with polyester film and the polyimide film to make F-class, H-class flexible materials like YMY, YHY.

INF-822A, Honeycomb core materials made from the INF82 A paper popularly used in manufacture of airplanes, high speed trains, floor of yachts and radar covers.