Ferrite Cores, Soft Ferrite Cores


Ferrite is a magnetic material in the form of a crystal structure of compounds containing ferric oxide. There are mainly two types of ferrites -

  • Soft Ferrites
  • Hard ferrites

We are a specialist manufacturer of Soft Ferrite products. Compared to a metal based magnetic material, ferrite cores can be used in a high-frequency range. These ferrites are very useful in the miniaturizing of electronic equipment and energy conservation.

  • Soft Ferrite can be used in the following major applications-
  • Switching Power Supply Transformers
  • Various High Frequency Transformers
  • Transformers for Telecommunications
  • High Frequency EMI Filters
  • Low Frequency Noise Filters
ferrite cores ferrite cores

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ferrite cores
ferrite cores
ferrite cores

Do you know?

Ferrites are widely used as a base material in the development of domestic electrical appliances to highly sophisticated electronic equipment. It has supported electronic development as a carrier for the rapid growth of communications within our society. Electronic products, such as domestic appliances, could not have a compact design without ferrites. It is because of the small size of these products that they have become as popular as they are today.