JV150B Toroidal Winding Machine


JV150B - Toroidal Winding Machine with 2-Preset Counter

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Specification / Capabilities

Maximum wire size: #30awg (0.25mm)

Minimum wire size: #42awg (0.06mm)

Maximum coil OD.: 0.312" (8.0mm)

Minimum coil OD.: 0.100" (2.5mm)

Minimum coil ID.: 0.040" (1.0mm)

Maximum coil HT: 0.150" (3.8mm)

Winding speeds: Variable to 85 tpm

Wire spacing: Automatic variable (360° maximum)

Maximum wire: length 9.0" (23.0mm)

Core rotation: 0° to 360° (one layer winding only)

Motor: Fractional DC

Power requirement: 110-120V, 50-60 cycles (220V optional)

Crated dimensions: 37" x 37" x 42" (94 x 94 107cm)

Crated weight: 100 lbs (46 kg)

Principal and Optional Features

  • Automatic pull type winder for miniature coil
  • Multi-cores-per-minute capability
  • Absolutely simple to run (operator can be trained in minutes)
  • 9" maximum wire capacity (23.0 cm)
  • Maximum of one layer winding on core
  • Multi-layer windings not possible
  • No pre-cutting / pre-loading of shuttles because there are no shuttles used
  • Available with automatic tap puller (one tap per coil)
  • Will wind single, bifilar or trifilar winding
  • Adjustable, automatic core rotation for controlled wire spacing
  • Dual preset electronic turns counter
  • Push button controls / operator safety guard
  • Handweel for manual operation
  • Micrometer "x" and "y" axis adjustments for centering core with needle