SMC2 Toroidal Winding Machine


Model SMC2 - Microprocessor Controlled Toroidal Winding Machine with RS-232 for Downloading from PC

We are proud to introduce the most versatile member of the SMC line of toroidal coil winding machines - the new Model SMC-2. With the ability to accept over 30 types of winding heads, the new Model SMC-2 toroidal winding machine offers the utmost in versatility. Included is stepper motor rotation control with teach in core pitch functions. All Universal LS, Jovil JV100 and Jovil JV200 accessories and winding heads will fit readily to the SMC-2 base giving winding parameters never before available from one single machine. Core outside diameters from 0.200 to 12.000 inches (5.08 to 304.8 mm). Wire range from #46 AWG to #8 AWG (0.05 mm to 3.25 mm). It has a 99 program storage capacity. All functions, including winding pitch, are fully programmable with RS-232 for PC downloading.

Specification / Capabilities

Maximum wire size: #8 AWG (3.25 mm)

Minimum wire size: #46 AWG (0.05 mm)

Maximum coil O.D.: 12.00" (304.8mm)

Minimum coil O.D.: 0.200" (5.08mm)

Minimum coil I.D.: 0.048" (1.22mm)

Maximum coil height: 3.500" (88.9mm)

Winding speeds: Variable to 2000 tpm

Wire spacing: Programmable with Controller

Segment winding: Programmable

Progressive winding: Programmable with Controller

Deceleration control: Automatic with controller

Acceleration control: Automatic with controller

Shuttle head motor: 3/4 HP - 1725 RPM

Core rotation motor: Hybrid step motor

Power requirement: 120 V or 220 V,50-60 cycles

Crated dimensions: 37" x 37" x 42" (94 x 94 x 107 cm)

Crated weight: 300 lbs. (136 kg)

Principal and Optional Features

  • Separate speed controls for loading and winding
  • Programmable stepper motor driven core rotation in either direction with minimum backlash
  • Programmable wire spacing, from coarse to fine micro-step resolution
  • Electronic linear pick-up for loading (feet or meters)
  • Tape head controls
  • Solid-state microprocessor count controller with a total of 99 programmable presets/LED readout/built-in fiber optic turns sensor/program storage/production batch counter and the utmost accuracy, stability and reliability
  • RS-232 with interface software
  • Quick change winding and taping heads
  • Automatic core index function
  • Push button, on-off footswitch or variable speed footpedal operation
  • Optional SMC programming software to pre-calculate and download all winding parameters from your PC to the machine

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