SMC Coil Program Software


SMC Coil Winding Software

  • Use Jovil/Universal's SMC Software and wind up saving time and money.
  • Improve accuracy.
  • Reduce set up times by 75%.
  • Reduce copper wire waste.

Our SMC Windows®-based software is the only software that enables you to program, pre-calculate and download all winding parameters, including length of wire required and winding pitch, directly to Jovil/Universal's toroidal winding equipment over your network from a notebook or desktop PC.

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Enter the following details in the software -

  • Core Size
  • Wire Size
  • Number of Turns
  • Winding Section in Degrees

There's only one screen, which facilitates easy input and output.

This SMC Software is compatible with all our SMC machines - SMC-1E, SMC-1, SMC-2, SMC-3, SMC-4, 4.5LSMC.