Transformer is an electrical device used to transfer an alternating current or voltage from one electric circuit to another by means of electromagnetic induction.It is used to convert between high and low voltages and accordingly between low and high currents. A simple form of transformer consists of two coils of wire, electrically insulated from one another and arranged so that a change in the current in one coil (the primary) will produce a change in voltage in the other (the secondary). In many transformers the coils are wound on a core made of a material with high magnetic permeability; this intensifies the magnetic field induced by the current in the primary, increasing the transformer's efficiency.The transformer is an important element in the development of high-voltage power transmission and central generating stations

Also, a Transformer can be more briefly explained as an inductor with two or more windings. Through mutual inductance, current in one winding called a primary will induce current into the other windings called secondaries.

Our Transformer ranges come in a variety of sizes from a small-sized coupling transformer hidden inside a microphone to gigawatt units used to interconnect large portions of national power grids, all operating with the basic principles and with similar parts. Transformers are classified into various types according to the ratio of the numbers of turns in the coils, as well as whether or not the primary and secondary are isolated:

Step-up Transformer - the secondary has more turns than the primary
Step-down Transformer - the secondary has fewer turns than the primary
Isolating Transformer - to transform from one voltage to the same voltage with two coils having the equal numbers of turns(in some cases)
Variable Transformer - primary and secondary have an adjustable number of turns which can be selected without reconnecting the transformer.

Losses in Transformers are attributed to Winding Resistance, Eddy Currents, Mechanical losses, stray coupling and hysteresis losses. Our toroidal cores and toroidal transformers are built around a ring-shaped core, which is made from strip of silicon steel / permalloy wound into a coil or ferrite, based on your needs. Also, the winding material used can be of insulated solid copper wire which makes sure you will have the best output.